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Founded in 2008, Varna hospitality offers the very best in hospitality solutions, has its strength in its team of experts consisting of the right blend of highly experienced professionals handpicked from the industry. The firm offers an array of services, right from the conception to the execution and management of hotels and resorts.

Headquartered in Kochi, Team Varna has its presence in the hospitality sector with a range of services that includes Hotels, Resorts, Condominiums, Restaurants, F&B consulting, spas and retailing. With additional offices in Dubai, Trivandrum and Bangalore, Varna is equipped with multi-faceted, wide-ranging and in-depth information that enriches every single project.

With the solid backing of a team of highy diverse and talented members, tailored to the needs of each development, Varna Hospitality is one of the few firms of its kind offering both complete business services and design services, forming a hospitality consultancy that creates and establishes businesses that are innovative as well as profitable.

We Specialize in

Hotel Business Development

Hotel Revenue Management

Commercial Strategies


Online and Offline Distribution

Tour Operator & Wholesaler Contracting

Hotel Website Development

Search Engine Optimization

Internet Marketing

Social Media


Hospitality Consulting

In flying colors.

Design & Survey


Recreational Facilities

Comprehensive Services

Operational Processes

Pre Opening Management

Soft Opening

Focusing on the unique selling points of your property, our hotel management experts will develop a customized and creative strategic hotel opening plan. Our proven and creative methodology of positioning new hotels and innovating concepts has brought our clients solid results with positive returns on their real estate investment.

Human Resources

With an efficient team handpicked from amongst the best in the industry, Varna advocates strict implementation of our Standard Operating Procedure Manual (SOP).


The Heads of each department in the hotel/resort shall work in tandem to submit a financial forecast for each quarter of the year.

Project Launch

Varna shall ensure that the project is well-marketed and made known before it is launched, as per the vision of the promoters. We shall handle the day-to-day operations of all aspects of the Hotel / Resort to ensure smooth functioning.



Value engineering is the review of new or existing products during the design phase to reduce costs and increase functionality in order to increase the value of the product. The value of an item is defined as the most cost-effective way of producing an item without taking away from its purpose. Therefore, reducing costs at the expense of quality will simply be a cost-cutting strategy. With value engineering, cost reduction should not affect the quality of the product being developed or analyzed.

We evaluate the project at the threshold of every stage of execution. Our team fine tune any aberrations that crop up during the implementation of the project

Our five stage process are:

Information gathering

Speculation and brainstorming




Management &

The perfect partnership.

Looking for a hotel operator outsourcing company which can give your hotel that competitive edge? Varna is a game changer in the hospitality industry. We have a strong business development DNA, and aim to challenge the status quo, increasing financial performance for independent hotels

"Varna is a driving force of change in hotel management"

We are a boutique hospitality management company which strives to challenge the status quo and established order. With our creative strategies and best practices we turn around hotels, and reposition them to outperform their competitors and become local market leaders.

We have a firm belief that independent hotels and innovative lodging concepts have a strategic advantage over chain franchise branded hotels. With a marketplace driven by online reputation and guest reviews, a hotel with an individual character and unique customer experience can be leveraged to gain global reach and exposure.

We provide personalized hospitality management services, tailored to the individual requirements of each single property.

Our global team of hotel management experts specialize in:

Hotel & Resort Management

As a specialist company in the field of revenue and yield management for hotels and lodging properties with proven methodology and creative best practices, we turn around the financial performance of any hotel.

Keeping up with the latest developments and solutions in hotel distribution and online travel marketing can be challenging, with the landscape changing so quickly. Our hotel strategy specialists are here to change your hotel into a market leader.

Finance & Asset Management

Over the last few years, the hospitality industry has seen a shift of focus from cost control, only optimizing bottom line profit, to driving top line income through revenue management. Varna is a specialist company in the field of revenue and yield management for hotels and lodging properties.

Keeping up with the latest developments and innovative solutions in hotel distribution and online travel marketing can be challenging, with the landscape changing so quickly. But our hotel strategy specialists are here to make turn your hotel around and increase your ROI.

Sales & Marketing

Through our network of sales representatives across the globe, we can assist you in driving more business to your hotel.

With our presence in Dubai, , we have access to thousands of corporate travel buyers, IATA travel agents, tour operators, incentive houses, meeting and conference planners. In essence, we will function as a local extension of your sales and marketing team.

Management &
Yield Analysis

Fruitful solutions.

Revenue Solutions, a brand developed by Varna, is now a market leader in hotel revenue management, endeavouring to assist independent hotels increase their financial performance with its strong remote revenue management consulting services.

Our international revenue management consultants,with an extensive experience in the travel and tourism industry, leave no stone unturned to uncover the hidden revenue potential of your hotel, thereby increasing your bottom line profit.

Our team will be incorporated in your hotel management structure as a part of your team, taking on the responsibilities and duties of revenue management and business development. Working besides your executive management, we will be implementing best practices, proven techniques and the latest travel distribution developments.

We would be covering the areas and actions highlighted below when taking over a hotel, either as a turn around project or new opening.

Our revenue management mission:

  • Adopt a healthy market segmentation
  • Assist with budgeting and develop a forecasting model adapted to the market segments
  • Increase revenue by stimulating demand and use existing demand for the destination
  • Push forward the hotel on potential distribution channels to enlarge the demand
  • Optimize direct sales and distribution
  • Structure the pricing management
  • Set strategic pricing
  • Handle all Revenue management tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

Price Benchmarking:

Revenue Solutions will benchmark and compare the pricing strategies of the main competitors and the hotel.

Price Grid:

Revenue Solutions will review the existing pricing grid or build a new one and recommend pricing strategies to stimulate the demand. Pricing will be recommended per period of demand: low to high periods.

Demand Calender:

Revenue Solutions will review the demand calendar or create one and analyze strength of demand day by day.

Rate Strategy Sheet:

Revenue Solurions will develop monthly rate strategy sheets with the following objectives:

  • Day by day pricing strategy for one year will be shown
  • Pricing strategy per channels of distribution

forecasting Model:

Revenue Solutions will build market segmentation for the hotel and create a forecasting model to ensure that existing demand for each individual segment will be targeted most effectively in terms of marketing, sales and pricing strategies.

Competetor Evaluation:

Revenue Solutions will study the main competitors of the hotel to assess their price positioning in relation to their products offering. Revenue Solutions will build a report comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the main competitors and the hotel. The report will aim at building the Price – Value relationship that the hotel can provide in front of its main competitors.